Real Power belongs to the ones making their dreams real.

Upon being active in Property construction market in 1980 with its partnership structure, UçarGroup continues presenting peaceful, safe, modern and sustainable eco-friendly places to its customers with its brand.
Forming its mission in the light of experiences, having perception of modern and quality life and with vision from past to today UçarGrouphas always stepped further and strengthened its development and its position in the market.
Adopting sincerity, honesty and clarity principles, UçarGroup always finds the best solutions for its customers and realizes the most proper comment corresponding to necessities of modern age. Preferred as a brand for comfortable and quality construction,UçarGroup has signed a lot of remarkable projects in accordance with its customer demands for both as dwellingand as business office spaces.

Strength Increases When It is Shared.

As the people born, grown and living in this country we continue producing projects with our traditions, morals and power from past to today, developing as we produce andtaking further steps with our growing structure.
We not only realize our dreams but also your dreams.


Signing projects considered as references both in domestic area and overseas by getting up our quality understanding unified with our value judgments.


Generating qualified competition in construction market with the awareness and responsibility to live humanly, providing ultimate satisfaction to our customers.

Quality Policy

To work honestly with superior business ethics, To dignifyour company’s business culture,reputation and ideals, To adopt customer satisfaction as the main factor, To believe in the importance of economy, growth and profitability, To be open to the changes and developments, To be faithful and willing to be the best in the field, To emphasize human resources as the most important capital.